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Retrievable Agitator
Our Retrievable Agitator

CDSL offers a full line of patented Can-Shake wire line retrievable drilling agitators for all common sizes of drill pipe.


Mode of operation: The Can-Shake drilling agitator is a high bypass, turbine style, radial agitator, designed to be installed conventionally in the drill string, or dropped down the drill string when needed from surface, where it seats in a landing sub. Multiple agitators are run by sizing landing sub I.D’s to allow passage of bottom hole agitators through mid-string landing subs.

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  • Extremely Low pressure drop.

  • 500°F degree temperature rating for geothermal and hot hole conditions.

  • No rubber parts. Compatible with corrosive drilling fluids. For extreme applications 100% stainless steel agitators can be ordered.

  • Diamond thrust bearings.

  • Flexibility to run multiple agitators, where desired in the drill sting, and still be able to retrieve all agitators.

  • Small, light dimensions facilitate economical air freight anywhere in the world.

  • Dampened internals have a self cleaning action, every time the mud pumps are cycled.

  • Minimal pressure, and noise disturbance to EM and pulse MWD’s.

  • Largest landing sub I.D.’s on the market, facilitating easy MWD recovery, free-pointing operations, and perforating operations if the drill string becomes stuck.

  • Standard one inch wire line fishing head.

  • Drill pipe form, no time wasted installing safety clamp while handing on rig floor.

Specifications: 4 1/2 - 5’’
  • Flow range: 500-3000lpm

  • Force: 630n @ 1200lpm, 2000n @ 2000lpm

  • Pressure Drop:70psi @1200lpm, 110psi @ 2000lpm

  • Wt: 60kgs

  • Length:5.5m

  • Temperature rating: 500°F

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