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MWD Equipment
Our MWD Equipment


The CDSL MWD system offers an alternative to GE’s LWD compatible MWD systems for applications that demand a competitively priced and reliable entry level MWD system. The cost-efficient CDSL MWD system is easy to operate and maintain because the design is based on the industry-proven bottom mounted positive pulser concept. The CDSL MWD system uses a power efficient motor driven pulser (MDP) that prolongs battery life compared to a conventional solenoid pulser. The powerful MDP transmits a well-defined pulse shape for easier surface detection and has an improved LCM tolerance.

MWD Highlights:
  • Shock & Vibration

  • Dynamic Telemetry Sequences - Eliminates steering data when not sliding to allow for increased ROP potential in LWD scenarios.

  • Real-time Remote Gamma

The retrievable and reseatable CDSL MWD tool can be operated over a wide flow rate range in collar sizes from 3Ѕ in. O.D. to 9Ѕ in. O.D. The compact design of the Rig Floor Computer and simple tool assembly procedures ensures rapid wellsite rig-up for efficient, cost-effective deployment.

Benefits of MWD tools
  • Retrievable

The CDSL MWD probe can be retrieved and reseated. In the event that the pipe becomes stuck in a hole, the MWD probe is fully retrievable through “fishing” reducing the risk of loss. This capability enables efficient probe upgrade and battery replacement if operations require. Minimum I.D. required to retrieve is 2.25”.

  • Cost-Efficient

The system operates in standard non-magnetic drill collars. The positive pulser can be routinely serviced in less than one day enabling quick turnaround of equipment. Extended battery life is made possible through energy efficient hardware and intelligent power management software.

  • Reliable

With an established reputation in the industry, GE provides high quality, reliable down hole systems for directional surveying and formation logging. GE quality processes ensure products are manufactured and maintained to a uniform high standard.

  • Modular

Flexible module configuration enables alternative sensor positions. Modules are interchangeable between collar sizes for flexibility of use; short, lightweight modules for cost effective logistics, assembly and maintenance turnaround.

  • Optimized Telemetry

Programming flexibility allows the operator to program both the transmission sequence and the data resolution.

  • Configurable

A choice of solenoid positive pulser or motor driven pulser allows the customer to select the most appropriate for their application.

  • User-Friendly Software

Surface system operates using Windows based MWD and LWD software. Easy decoding and simple tool programming interface results in quick and effective onsite setup.

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