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Mud Motors
Welcome to the Raptor® Mud Motor line by Complete Directional Services.

Complete Directional Services R&D starts with the most complex problems facing directional drilling situations in the business today and works to develop solutions that clients are not only eager to implement, but that are cost effective. Many of the competitors have a policy that if it’s new and improved it should cost more.  Complete Directional believes that if its new and improved it should be saving clients time and money – That’s a “Complete” Solution!

One of the issues the industry has been suffering from is mud motor bottom end failures. Power sections are becoming more powerful, however not a lot has been done to increase durability of the output part of the motor. Complete Directional Services addressed this issue by going with a design that is more than 6 times stronger than a conventional ball driven design.


With this drive design, a number of wear components are taken out of the equation. By taking unnecessary wear points out of the drive system, it ultimately reduces risk of drive system failure. We have proven this design with operators in Western Canada. The Raptor design comes in any size and in any configuration to meet various degrees of drilling conditions.  With a full fleet of equipment and highly experienced personnel CDSL is up to any challenge.

CDSL Mud Motors are engineered and designed for durability and consistency as they provide additional power to the drill bit. They offer different rotor and stator configurations to provide optimum performance while drilling, and they have the capacity to drill large-sized holes used by larger rigs. CDSL Mud Motors reduce bearing loads and differential pressure while maintaining seal through drill string operation.


CDSL Mud Motor’s leading design provides adjustable bent housings while still accommodating high torque field scenarios. Ask about our signature Raptor(TM) Performance Mud Motor Line that is up to 6 times more durable than current market availability for the more challenging drilling areas, if you’re experiencing downtime caused by “broken” motors please let us show you a way to practically eliminate that problem!